Maine's Industrial Revolution

"I'm telling a visual story about growing up in Maine and the Maritimes; about what work has looked like and how it has impacted us physically and culturally. It's an examination on how our manifestations of industry impact our physical landscapes and influence our experience" --- Janice L. Moore, 2013

I began exploring the landscapes of Maine on my return here in 1998. Since then I’ve focused on examining the impact of our industries and what the architecture of our usefulness looks like.

I’ve examined some of the sites that have helped define our environments including the Rumford Paper Mill, Hood Milk, and the B&M plants in Portland, Maine.

I completed a series on the many Lewiston factories in their various states of use and have explored former industrial sites that have evolved over time and been repurposed. My work focusses on what useful looks like now.

Bates Mill Upper Canal

24" x 36" Oil on Canvas

Bates Mill Lower Canal

24" x 36" Oil on Canvas

Bean Factory, Portland

24" x 48" Oil on canvas

Paymaster's Office, Hill Mill, Lewiston

16" x 20” Oil on canvas

Hill MFG Garage, Lewiston

20" x 16" Oil on canvas

Wiseman Bridge, Lewiston

16" x 20" Oil on canvas

Hill Mill Boiler (Yellow Plow in Summer), Lewiston

16" x 20” Oil on canvas

Pepperell Bleachery, Lewiston

20” x 16” Oil on Canvas

Beer Plant, Portland

24" x 36" Oil on Canvas

Milk Factory, Portland

24" x 36" Oil on canvas

Paper Factory

24" x 36" Oil on canvas


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