Hughes Gallery

Boca Grande, Florida

Gallery Information

1 (941) 964-4273

333 Park Avenue, Boca Grande FL 33921


“She infuses her Hopper-esque landscapes with intense, rich colors and there is something simple, yet exquisite, about her haunting images – lonely, yet inviting. Janice asks the viewer to take a stroll with her, off the beaten path. To me, Janice has always been the artist, who sees something intimate in what we all look at (our familiar) yet we take for granted – she expands these places we love, but at the same time, she allows us to fill-in-the-blanks. Elusive, yet contemplative: spirit-infused.” 


Flight Gallery

Bear River, Nova Scotia

Gallery Information

1 (866) 467-4171

1869 Clementsvale Road, Bear River Nova Scotia B0S 1B0


An exquisitely curated, award-winning fine art and craft store in the heart of a historic tidal village. Two floors. Over 200 artists. 38th year in business. Recommended by Lonely Planet: "If you want to buy just one unique treasure to take away from Nova Scotia, this is a good place to find it."


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